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At Urban Mutt, we offer a variety of shampoos based on your pet's needs. All of our shampoos promote a clean and healthy lifestyle for pets. They are made in the USA with naturally derived ingredients, and they are cruelty free and biodegradable.

House Shampoos


Honey Almond & Melon Cucumber -

Gently cleans and delivers nutrients to the coat, creating a fuller look. Formulated with a unique herbal blend to protect, repair, and naturally nourish the skin and coat.

Specialty Shampoos


Oatmeal -

Crafted with natural colloidal oatmeal to calm dry, itchy, and irritated skin. Replenishes and conditions the skin and coat, leaving it soft and silky. Coconut scent.


Hawaiian Ginger -

Hand-crafted in small batches for the highest quality product, this Hawaiian white ginger scented shampoo is perfect for the gentle, everyday clean.

Bright White -

Perfect for reviving the vibrant, natural color of the coat by using an all-natural chamomile extract. Cleans and moisturizes the skin and coat, creating a lustrous shine. Peaches and cream scent.

Black Dog -

Brings out the cool, dark tones, restoring the coat's natural dark shade. Coconut oil and protein gently cleanse and restore natural moisture. Peaches and cream scented.


Skin Remedy -

Skin Remedy healing shampoo is crafted with red algae-based CTAB to alleviate skin irritation associated with bacteria, yeast, ringworm, crusting, scaling, and flaking. Spearmint scent.


Senior Bark -

This mature dog shampoo is specially crafted to address the conditions of a dog's skin and coat that develop as they age. Enriched with menthol and aloe vera, this gentle formula provides anti-bacterial, soothing, and follicle-stimulating benefits for aging doggies without irritation. Menthol scent.


Wild Berry -

Gently cleans and delivers nutrients to the coat creating a fuller look. Formulated with a unique herbal blend to protect, repair, and naturally nourish the skin and coat. Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry scent.


Deodorizing -

Odor control shampoo features the powerful neutralizer Odortrol. It deeply cleans while rejuvenating the skin and coat. Cuts through tough dirt and grease in just one bath.

For The Face

At Urban Mutt, we know that much like humans, the most sensitive area on your pet's body is the face, which is why we have two options of special cleansers explicitly designed for that area.


Face Furst Blueberry and Sensitive Skin -

Gentle facial scrub is crafted to exfoliate and gently cleanse the facial area. Washes away impurities and dead skin cells, bringing out the true beauty of your pet's face.


Some pets might be long-haired, matted, or have coarse, thick hair that requires extra moisturizing. For those reasons, we offer options for remedy.


Blueberry D-Mat and Strawberries & Cream Conditioner -

Gently hydrate dry, brittle coats. Aloe vera infuses deep moisture into the skin and coat. It detangles while repairing damaged hair from root to shaft.

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